Known Issues

-Black gradient around edge of vision when using Oculus Link
Status: No cause has been found.

Use Virtual Desktop (recommended but not free)
If you don't already own Virtual Desktop you will need to buy Virtual Desktop from the Quest store and download it to the headset. After setting up Virtual Desktop (including installing the PC streamer app) will want to reinstall VEGA Patch (just open the installer again) and launch it using the new shortcut on your desktop.

Use Revive (not recommended but free)
First you will need to uninstall VEGA Patch (run the installer and use option 6) then install Revive and SteamVR. After those are installed launch the game once from the Revive dashboard (and close it). Install VEGA Patch, press Y, and hit enter when asked if you want to install with Revive. After that you can open the game from the Revive dashboard.

-The game not launching if you install Revive while VEGA Patch is installed to your computer.
Status: The cause has been determined but a solution has not yet been found
1. Open %userprofile%\VEGA Patch config\VEGA Patch revive config.txt in notepad
2. At the end of the file replace VEGAPatchlauncher.exe with loneecho2.exe
3. Save the file (ctrl+s)
4. The game will launch as intended now instead of infinitely opening the VEGA Patch launcher.

-Lone Echo 2 not showing up in the Virtual Desktop dashboard
Status: No cause has been found and it is up to the Virtual Desktop team in implement a fix, for now just use shortcut on your desktop.

-Low res menus
Status: Will not fix, this is a trade off and it is well worth it as it improves performance a considerable amount.