1.2.0 (Latest)


Added Virtual Desktop support
Added the ability to modify your install from the installer by running it with VEGA Patch installed
Added the ability to reset VEGA Patch and reinstall (delete all of VEGA Patch's files and reinstall, same as running the uninstaller and installing again)
Added the ability to automatically download and install VEGA Patch from the internet
Note: This will always install the latest version
Added the ability to switch in and out of revive mode
Added the ability to disable auto update
Note: This does not disable VEGA Patch's network access, only stops updates from requesting user input
Note: Required updates are unaffected
Added the ability to uninstall VEGA Patch
Fixed a bug that can cause the Revive dashboard to be configured when updating even if you did not install using Revive mode
Fixed a bug that would cause a success message and prompt for reboot to appear when closing the installer
Made the capitalization of "Revive" consistent
Changed when the reboot prompt appears so that it is only there when needed (installing for the first time or after uninstalling)