If you are not familiar with VEGA Patch, it is a community patch made for Lone Echo 2 which is intended to drastically improve texture loading (pop-in and assets that are stuck being low detail) and general game performance. It can in some cases reduce the amount of loading screens that you may encounter in the outdoor areas of the game.



-Aldin, I am the only developer on this project and I hope that what I have made can help you enjoy Lone Echo II the way it was intended to be played. I have put over three hundred hours over the course of six months to bring this to you and hope that makes this game a forty dollar experience.

Website art:

-Sickmave, Thank you Sickmave for making the wonderful renders you see on each page of the website.





Thank you to Evelyn and Sickmave72 for playtesting, without them your experience would not be as smooth as it is, and thank you to Shotodoroki for testing revive support without her it would have never been supported.