VEGA Project Update

VEGA Mod Loader

I have not given a detailed public update on the progress I have made to open source the VEGA Mod Loader in a while and thought I should. Things are going pretty smoothly, most of the stuff that you need to develop a mod is finished other than the documentation. I am still waiting to get a new deal with a license holder for a library I use. I have been using as a progress tracker so you can see how close I am to finishing stuff up.

VEGA Patch

Development of VEGA Patch is starting to slow down. Since launch VEGA Patch has received monthly updates to fix bugs and add features such as support for Virtual Desktop and Revive. This monthly update cycle is going to end so that I can work on other projects. I feel that VEGA Patch is in a mostly bug free and feature complete state so monthly updates are not needed. I will be pushing updates for VEGA Patch on a 3 month update cycle instead. If there is something that needs fixed urgently I will still push an update as soon as I can just like I have been on the monthly update cycle.

Support for launching from the Virtual Desktop dashboard is still being worked on and will release as soon as it is ready. Because the code already exists in the latest version support for the dashboard will come before the next update comes out.